Hey, I’m Tori – An event planner, delicious cocktail lover & event fairy godmother, and I help busy people create an event that is just as badass as they are

I find great joy in witnessing people fully present in the moment, surrounded by those they love, celebrating and enjoying their time together. With this passion in mind, I have dedicated myself to the realm of event planning on a full-time basis, so you can rest assured that the details are taken care of. I take pride in getting to know my clients personally, establishing a genuine connection, and working with them to create an unforgettable experience that fully encapsulates their vision. I consider it my responsibility to be the event fairy godmother for my clients, bringing their dreams to life and ensuring that their event is everything they could have hoped for and so much more

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Wedding / Event Planning in Fargo, North Dakota

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I have been in the wedding + event industry since I was thirteen.

My first ever job was cleaning up limousines, usually after bachelor or bachelorette parties, for my grandpa's company. This job led me to the incredible journey and experience I would gain through many different roles, such as working for a local bridal store; then as a marketing manager for a local hospitality company. My journey didn’t stop there as I was then hired to staff events for a venue and eventually promoted to a full-time position for a local university as an event coordinator. From these job roles, I've gained so much information and experience from the industry and tons of connections that lead me to my next adventure. 

In 2017, I left my position to pursue my own business, The Event Company, and nothing fuels my soul more. Having been running my business full-time for over six years, I’m still passionate about it daily, seeing people's events and dreams come to life. I have built my career by working on various events and harnessing the connections I have made. Have a sigh of relief knowing you have someone to help take your event to the next freakin’ level.

Have a sigh of relief knowing you have someone to help take your event to the next freakin’ level.

Random facts

I am a Taurus
I am a sucker for a delicious cocktail + some pizza 
I have always shed a tear at some point at every wedding I’ve worked on

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